Competition Series Exhaust

About Competition Series Exhaust

Supplied in "kit form" to allow adaptable fitment on most VHM, Trac, PMFR and Kosman frames.

- Optional Quiet Baffle Available

- Designed exclusively for drag race applications, this 4:1 exhaust is the ultimate design for peak power.
- Quality, lightweight stainless steel construction.
- Tapered head pipes, full merge 4:1 collector and tapered intermediate pipe for maximum performance.
- Tuned length megaphone.
- Slip fit collector joints with "dual swivel end retention springs".
- Includes aluminum CNC machined "D" port spigots.
- O2 sensor bung in rear collector for wideband air/fuel ratio monitoring. - Weighs only 8 pounds. - Includes spring puller tool.

* Requires some welding and drilling. Intermediate pipe angle, spring tab locations, EGT placement will vary with fairing design, clutch cover design, battery location, etc.

- Weld Intermediate pipe to collector.
- Weld spring tabs on collector and lower head pipes.
- Weld EGT fittings on head pipes and drill sensor hole.
- Weld O2 bung on intermediate pipe and drill sensor hole.
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