Vance & Hines Announces Contingency Program for NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Riders

Vance & Hines, one of the nation’s premier performance motorcycle accessory manufacturers, announced a contingency sponsorship program offering payouts to riders in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle (PSM) class who use the new Vance & Hines VHIL18504V Suzuki-based engine and Vance & Hines Carbon exhaust.

Riders that meet the requirements will receive $500 for a race win and $250 as a runner-up.

“Terry Vance and Byron Hines made a name for themselves and started this company at a racetrack. We do everything we can to support racing with great engines and components, this contingency payout is our way of saying thank you to our riders,” said President of Vance & Hines Mike Kennedy.

To qualify for the contingency payment, the rider must run the appropriate equipment and have Vance & Hines identification on their bike. The NHRA will determine who is awarded the payments. Vance & Hines Team riders are not eligible for this prize money.


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