At Vance & Hines, our job is to enhance the exhilaration of your riding experience. That’s the thinking that goes into every product we make.

At a time when 4” mufflers were the norm, we broke the mold and became the first to come out with an oversized 4-1/2” muffler. Since then, the rest of the market has followed us and it’s become a category unto itself.

But what sets us apart, is the effort we put into the parts you don’t see, developing the right sound and power from an oversized muffler. And that’s what our team achieved with the new LS275 baffle.

When we develop a new baffle, we start with a clean sheet. Our engineers begin in CAD, work through several designs and then our R&D fabricators build prototypes that we take to our testing department. We’ll often go through many iterations until we find the right formula that checks all the boxes.

With the LS275, we didn’t want something that was just going to be louder, it had to have great performance and the right tonal quality that our riders are looking for.

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In all the work that went into this project, we finally arrived at something that’s so unique, we knew we had to apply for a patent on it. Everyone on the team feels that with the LS275, we’ve hit on something special that our riders are going to love.

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