Latest release features include 2016 model support, Speedometer Calibration and Decel-Pop reduction.

Speedometer Calibration This allows user’s to precisely calibrate the speedometer for stock bikes or aftermarket wheels and tire sizes. This speedometer calibration is different because it utilizes your smartphone’s GPS to accurately and automatically adjust your speedometer without the use of calculators or sophisticated charts. All you have to do is connect to your FP3, run the speedometer calibration in specified MPH/KMH range, hit calibrate, and flash the changes into your bike!

Decel-Pop reduction The biggest complaint HD owners have with aftermarket exhaust systems is decel popping. This decel pop can range from a small firecracker to large bangs depending on the configuration. The FP3 has you covered. You can now select from 3 different decel-pop reduction levels to help with this annoying and sometimes unsettling sound. Just select the level of popping that you currently have, flash the change in to the bike, and ride!



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