We are excited to announce the all new Fuelpak Pro Wideband Tuning Kit. This dealer tool allows dyno shops to tune Fuelpak FP3’s on a dyno. Dealers will still sell FP3’s as normal, and use their Fuelpak Pro Wideband Tuning Kit as a tool they will use over and over again. Each dealer will only need one kit.


The Fuelpak Pro Wideband Tuning Kit is the essential tool for carrying out fast and precise autotuning sessions with the Fuelpak FP3 on 2007 and later Harley-Davidson models.

Consisting of two 18mm wideband Bosch oxygen sensors and a control module, the Fuelpak Pro Wideband Tuning Kit is a quick plug-and-play setup, installing in-line between an FP3 and motorcycle to add wideband tuning capabilities for FP3 autotuning sessions on the dyno.

Once an FP3 is connected to the motorcycle through the Fuelpak Pro Wideband Kit, a whole new set of features are unlocked in the FP3 app software. The AutoTune feature becomes more powerful, collecting four times more data with greater accuracy to enable full mapping sessions to be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Every dealer using the Fuelpak Wideband Tuning Kit also receives a private account on the new Fuelpak Pro dealer-exclusive cloud server, where each dyno session can be uploaded, enabling dealers to build up their own private library of FP3 maps accessible through the app or any web browser.

Ultimately, Fuelpak Pro is a complete ecosystem for creating, storing and delivering maps to FP3 users worldwide. This next evolution of Fuelpak provides the tools to map any combination of performance parts and engine upgrades.

Visit: fuelpak.vanceandhines.com/pro/




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